We are looking for a Data Analyst who dares to bring music to life in a special way through technology with us.

Balance strategic and tactical direction to deliver and maintain stable, scalable, cost-effective solutions with focused innovations for an Enterprise scale system to distribute music to a huge number of users .

Optimize the ad revenue generated from Amanotes’ user base.

Come work in an exciting music environment where you use your passion, experience, and analytical skills to help bring new solutions to music interaction and leave good customer experience over the world.

We’re seeking a thoughtful and collaborative technologist to lead the engineering and tech operation teams, helping to shape the future of our music ecosystem.

To lay the foundation of and continuously develop the company’s Information System including but not limited to user identity, assets, company’s information & data management, and enterprise security.

You ensure that an organization’s applications and services are implemented with high standards and are secure.

Scale products profitably through organic and non-organic channels across the globe (US, China, Japan, etc.).

You will have a chance to explore different jobs, work and meet with different talents and grow yourself everyday in a fast paced and dynamic working environment.

You’ll be responsible for leading and shaping the entire marketing organization across the full stack of marketing disciplines.

Will ensure a smooth working process between User Acquisition team and Creatives team/stakeholders
and collect the right materials for creative production.

As a Branding and Communication Specialist (6-month contractor), you will help to build a brand of Amanotes and its apps by creating regular and efficient communication with users via various content channels.

As an experienced product owner for Amanotes Live-ops Products, you will be the one who updates the latest trend in the mobile game industry and evolves team mindset in game production.

You will be the driving force behind Amanotes Music operation excellency and be the ambassador of our goal to deliver the Magical music experience to everybody through bringing music to our products and drive innovations from music.

Will help to build and improve SDKs on mobile games (iOS, Android) used by the development and production teams for our hyper-casual game which serve for more than 10 million users.

Make Amanotes product high quality with high stability testing process and create awesome music games & apps which provide multi million users worldwide.

Work closely with development team to devise and implement automation testing plan and process using quality control best practices.

Bring technology and your skills to create fantastic music games.

You will be the strategic advisor to CEO in setting and tracking financial goals, objectives and budgets and in handling financial reporting to the Board of Directors and other key constituents of the company.

You will be part of an engineering team whose role is to develop in-house tools to help the teams grow and scale the business.