Come work in an exciting music environment where you use your passion, experience, and analytical skills to help bring new solutions to music interaction and leave good customer experience over the world.

You will have the chance to work with top-class scientists, engineers, and domain experts and to drive the data science process of our technology end-to-end.

Build mobile games used by hundreds of developers over the world in developing hyper-casual games.

Build and scale the best music platform for everyone to experience music in millions of ways with millions of content.

You'll be integrated within the platform team and work directly with site reliability engineers and software engineers to address the challenges we currently face and to prepare for the next phase of our growth.

Scale products profitably through organic and non-organic channels across the globe (US, China, Japan, etc.).

As a Performance Marketing Lead, you will scale and accelerate user growth across product portfolio of Amanotes as well as manage and build a team of Performance marketing specialist focused on user acquisition, activation, and engagement

As an experienced product owner for Amanotes Live-ops Products, you will be the one who updates the latest trend in the mobile game industry and evolves team mindset in game production.

As an Amanotes’ data specialist you will be leveraging hundreds terabytes of data from 1.5 billion users to create real business values through practical data solutions.

As a Unity 3D Artist, you will help to create 2D/3D assets for use in hyper-casual mobile games.

Corporate Development Specialist will assist the senior leadership team of Amanotes to prepare and implement strategic initiatives to management activities related to strategic planning, organization and operational excellence.

Improve the current ML models in Amanotes and build new ML upon strategic request of the business.

We are seeking a highly competent and organized helpdesk administrator possessing a proven ability to maintain the day-to-day helpdesk operations of an IT Infrastructure and its business systems as well as executing projects from conception to commencement.

The ideal candidate is someone with a solid background in Unity game programming with a willingness to learn new techniques, who is always pushing their work to the next level, and is focused on finding solutions to always get the job done.

As a Music Game Engineer, you will collaborate with the Music Solutions and Game Design teams to test new technology, realize their ideas, and create new and exciting interactive musical experiences. You will use Unity and audio analysis technologies to bring music into the games in new ways, to make them more exciting and musical.

You ensure that an organization’s applications and services are implemented with high standards and are secure.

Will help to build and improve SDKs on mobile games (iOS, Android) used by the development and production teams for our hyper-casual game which serve for more than 10 million users.

Make Amanotes product high quality with high stability testing process and create awesome music games & apps which provide multi million users worldwide.

Bring technology and your skills to create fantastic music games.

You will be part of an engineering team whose role is to develop in-house tools to help the teams grow and scale the business.