Transform on hundreds of terabytes of data from millions daily active users to actionable insights for data-driven product decisions and develop and enforce best-in-class standards and governance plans for the long-term maintenance of our internal product taxonomy.

You will help to build a backend system for the music marketplace used by the product teams and content collaborators for our hyper-casual games, music education and simulation apps which serves more than 20 million users every day.

As a Partnership Intern, you will be responsible for attracting, onboarding and supporting new technology partners to who will integrate with Amanotes to achieve new levels of growth for their product.

Creating high-quality Motion, Graphic artworks and for use in marketing advertisement campaigns & Company’s branding materials.

Lead and manage all the financial aspects of the company, including managing strategic financial planning and cash flow.

Support the CSO in formulating the company’s strategy.

Optimize the current workflows and scale the impact of the centralized creative team in Amanotes. Step by step transform it into a center of innovative campaigns and creative excellence, while helping teammates to grow.

With a design thinking mindset, you will conduct research on user problems, design solutions and handle execution of these solutions through multi-variant testing.

As an Amanotes’ data analyst you will be leveraging hundreds of terabytes of data from 1.5+ billion users to create real business values through practical data solutions.

As a Performance Marketing Lead, you will scale and accelerate user growth across product portfolio of Amanotes as well as manage and build a team of Performance marketing specialist focused on user acquisition, activation, and engagement

Build and lead an AI team to develop AI applications on devices with audio and music data.

Your role will range from conceptualizing, ideating at every stage of game production to analyzing user data to delight players whenever they log in.

Lead Data Engineer team as well collaborate with AI/ML teams and other stakeholders.

As a General Accountant, you will be tasked with managing account entries, documents, payments and finances for the company.

Learning musical instruments can be stressful for adult learners as traditional methods are inconvenient and costly, while e-learning tends to be one-size-fit-all and doesn’t meet individual goals and interests. With the vision “Everyone Can Music”, Amanotes aims to bridge such a gap by redesigning e-learning experience to accommodate every learner’s needs and enable them to achieve their musical dream faster and easier.

The Legal team is responsible for providing legal, regulatory, compliance, governance, tax and contractual advice to Amanotes.

As an automation QC engineer at Amanotes, you will work closely with development team to devise and implement automation testing plan and process using quality control best practices, support and ensure the integration of automation testing in development life cycle and CI/CD processes.

With a design thinking mindset, you will conduct research on user problems, design solutions and handle execution of these solutions through multi-variant testing.

You will help to verify the quality of our system, make sure it is released with the highest confidence and high test coverage. You will also provide a high stability testing process and work directly with the development team to build systems that serve multi-million users worldwide.

Scale products profitably through organic and non-organic channels across the globe (US, China, Japan, etc.).