Unity Developer (Based in HCMC)

Tech / Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam


  • Bring the best music experience to users by providing high-quality & interesting products with up-to-date content to everyone all over the world

What you will do

  • Work on Amanotes popular music games with millions of users daily, contribute lots of revenue on the global market
  • Work by stories/tasks and product priorities proactively. You are a member of our Scrum teams
  • Brainstorm to make clear new game ideas, and find technical solutions for game features
  • Make the games smoother and more stable on both front-end & back-end
  • R&D game technologies based on product requirements
  • Support other members about technology and game logic solutions
  • Implement & update Amanotes Game Frameworks
  • Keep improving yourself every single day

What you will learn

  • Work on a “keep moving forward” team. You will always be forced to be better
  • Provided laptop with high specs (Dell, Macbook Pro…) and mobile devices
  • Clear tasks, clear goals, clear career path
  • Learn “millions dollar, millions users” lessons


  • Passionate about making Games and love to bring the best experience to users
  • Good at Computer Programming
  • Good at Data Structure & Algorithms
  • Experienced in Unity Game Development
  • Experienced in technical problem solving
  • Experienced in mobile development
  • Experienced in designing frameworks (nice to have)
  • Experienced in writing extra native codes (C /C++/ Java/ or ObjectC) (nice to have)
  • Have knowledge of node.js Server / Backend / or NoSQL Database (nice to have)
About Amanotes

We are Amanotes - a fast-growing music-tech company. We seek to delight people with interactive music experiences. Since 2014, 50+ music games and mobile applications were published under our name with 2.5+ billion downloads worldwide and 120+ million monthly active users. From 2019, we were proudly listed as the #1 mobile apps publisher from Southeast Asia, the #1 music games publisher worldwide, and one of the top 10 mobile app publishers across all categories. In 2022, we’ve got certification as a “Great Place to Work’’, and Vietnam's best IT companies 2022 award by ITviec.

If you love to work in a creative environment with music all around the corner, come join us!

Explore our products on Google Play and iOS App Store such as Magic Tiles 3, Dancing Ballz, and Tiles Hop.

How To Apply?

Click the button or contact us at talents@amanotes.com.

How do we hire


Your application has been well received! HR team will screen your resume and contact if your profile are qualified.