Data Science

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Have a solid background in Unity game programming with a willingness to learn new techniques, who is always pushing their work to the next level, and is focused on finding solutions to always get the job done

Make Amanotes product high quality with high stability testing process and create awesome music games & apps which provide multi million users worldwide

Capture demand for incident resolution and service requests and be the entry point and single point of contact for the service provider for all users.

To reach the goal of creating “win” creative. Designers cum creative concept planner will design the concepts/ creative assets which will be used for User Acquisition marketing campaigns for Amanotes’ apps.

In this role, you should be passionate about helping people learn and grow. Excellent communication skills are essential. If you also have experience designing learning courses and managing budgets, we’d like to meet you.

Support creative team to reach the goal of creating “win” creative.

Drive growth in multiple aspects: revenue, profit, and user.

Build and be the center of excellence for Monetization, User Acquisition and Creative.

Extract and analyze information embedded in audio signals; and create real-time algorithms on mobile applications to make them more accurate and reliable inputs for the sound recognition machine learning models.

Support Subscription projects, handle operations, and execute projects to achieve business target.

Process the contract and finance payment and develop monthly sales reports.

Build and oversee Amanotes's operation & publishing platform.

Help to build and improve SDKs on mobile games used by the development and production teams for our hyper-casual game which serve more than 20 million users every day.

Design, develop, maintain the backend systems and web applications.

Bridge such a gap by redesigning e-learning experience to accommodate every learner’s needs and enable them to achieve their musical dream faster and easier.

Scale and accelerate user growth across the business lines of Amanotes.

Lead the impact of data science on different areas of business, that include data management, data analytics & data innovations through Machine Learning, AI.

You will be part of an engineering team whose role is to develop in-house tools to help the teams grow and scale the business.

Work with a promising market of music education products and help to bring cutting-edge education applications to market.

Update the latest trend in the mobile game industry, evolve team mindset in game production and maximum LTV of a users with monetization functions.

Manage advertising operations to enable the achievement of users and business sales goals.

As an automation QC engineer at Amanotes, you will work closely with development team to devise and implement automation testing plan and process using quality control best practices, support and ensure the integration of automation testing in development life cycle and CI/CD processes.

Define SRE roadmap to build cross-functional system that meet scalable level of company.

Lead and manage all the financial aspects of the company, including managing strategic financial planning and cash flow.

We are looking for talented a Senior iOS Developer to help us build and scale the music entertainment platforms which will serve millions of users.

Build and improve Amanotes’s hottest mobile games which contribute to music entertainment platforms serving millions of users per day.

As an Amanotes’ data analyst you will be leveraging hundreds of terabytes of data from 1.5+ billion users to create real business values through practical data solutions.

Taking part in planning, design, and execution of the most challenging and ambitious projects.

As an experienced product owner for Amanotes Live-ops Products, you will be the one who updates the latest trend in the mobile game industry and evolves team mindset in game production.

As an Amanotes’ data engineer you will be leveraging on hundreds terabytes of data from 1+ billion users to create real business values through practical data solutions.

Your role will range from conceptualizing, ideating at every stage of game production to analyzing user data to delight players whenever they log in.

This role is key in ensuring future looking financial analysis and controlling to budgets/forecasts, providing financial insights, and partnering the business owners and functions in value add financial consulting.

Balance strategic and tactical direction to deliver and maintain stable, scalable, cost-effective solutions with focused innovations for an Enterprise scale system to distribute music to a huge number of users .

Use your passion, experience, and analytical skills to help bring new solutions to music interaction and leave good customer experience over the world.