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Similar Jobs

Music Game Engineer

As a Music Game Engineer, you will collaborate with the Music Solutions and Game Design teams to test new technology, realize their ideas, and create new and exciting interactive musical experiences. You will use Unity and audio analysis technologies to bring music into the games in new ways, to make them more exciting and musical.

Unity Developer

Just bring technology and your skills to create fantastic music games that reach 100 million worldwide users.

Mobile SDK Developer

Build and improve SDKs on mobile games (iOS, Android) used by the development and production teams for our hyper-casual game which serves for more than 10 million users every day, and provide support to users of internal tools, notably by creating a web interface.

iOS Developer

Bring technology and your skills to create fantastic music PLATFORM that reach to 100 million worldwide users.

Fullstack Developer

You will be part of an engineering team whose role is to develop in-house tools to help the teams grow and scale the business.